Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Running Fred from Dedalord Games

Proud to be the 1st to present you the game RUNNING FRED for Android devices on YouTube
(refering to my 1st upload from the 20th Feb, had to delete it & reuppd' it on the 22nd of FEB)

Running Fred for Android, released on the 19th FEB 2012, is also available for iOS (iPhone / iPad)

Once again Dedalord Games has produced a fine nice piece of art after publishing sweet games like Falling Fred & Psychoban!
In RUNNING FRED you step into the role of Fred and as the title of this game already includes, you need to run away from the death and avoid dangerous, well death bringing obsticals like swinging axes, deadly pits, spikes and much much more!
But that's not all, you can customize your charachter (avater) by giving him more power to jump better, rubber bones, run easier on to walls or choose one of the many looks from Baseball Player to Ninja or Cyborg & few more by using ingame coins!
You aswell can run as long as you can in survival or run threw many diffrent levels + more coming up what still seems to be in developement.

Best of all this game is for FREE!!!

Android Market

iOS (iPhone / iPad)
App Store

visit Dedalord Games from your PC or mobile phone


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